SOOKKHO upgrades Thai Herbal Compress Ball towards International.


SOOKKHO brand has begun from finding out the solution for health problems leading to the integration of Thai wisdom and innovation to solving the causes of body aches and muscle pains, stress disorder as well as office syndrome. This is the starting point of SOOKKHO, the innovative products of herbal pillow and compressed ball for a good health and well-being which selected from high quality and premium ingredients of Thai herbs. This creates a superior relaxation and unique relief that everyone can experience at home. Following SOOKKHO’s key message of “Experience Thai Culture Anywhere” that this implies everywhere you go with SOOKKHO, you can have experience of Thai culture.

Ms. Nootsara Rugsang - Founder of SOOKKHO brand

The principal inspiration of the Founder of SOOKKHO brand, Ms. Nootsara Rugsang who has a great passion and love in Thai herbs, is that she has thoroughly studied and researched Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia to find out the ways to solve her own problems of office syndrome. And this efficiently helped her out. Hence, she wants to upgrade this sophisticated knowledge inherited for many decades in Thailand to go globally in the international level, while locally benefit Thai farmers in term of job and income creation.

SOOKKHO herbal compress ball

SOOKKHO is outstanding in bringing the benefits of Thai herbal premium ingredient “Wan-Sao-Long (Amomum Biflorum Jack)” which can be grown only in 2 provinces of Thailand. And along with abundance of other Thai herbs that many countries have affirmed as the valuable ingredients which have been used in Thai Traditional Medicine over centuries such as jasmine rice, ginger, peppermint and many more. It is an amazing combination between the design made by a physiotherapist and the innovation applied for easy-to-use whereby either warm it up in the microwave or place it in the freezer. So, this is very easy for everyone to do at home. Eventually, this becomes the product creating a relaxation with nature for treatment of body aches and muscle pains. The products of SOOKKHO as below…

Herbal Body Pillow

The Packages of Herbal Compress Ball

Package of net weight 250 g. for 1,350 THB, suitably compressed on areas of your body
Package of net weight 35 g. for 950 THB, suitably compressed on areas of your face

Herbal Multifunction Pillow

The Package of Herbal Multifunction Pillow

Package of net weight 90 g. for 950 THB, simply compressed on any part of your body

The Benefits of SOOKKHO products as follows:

  1. Relieve body aches and muscle pains
  2. Improve blood circulation
  3. Aromatic herbs, giving a feeling of superior relaxation
  4. Treat and reduce risks of Office Syndrome
  5. Relieve Menstrual Cramps
  6. Improve the sleep quality

All SOOKKHO products can be applied both WARM and COOL therapy. By the WARM one, the product is just heated in the microwave for a few minutes. Or by the COOL one, the product is placed in the freezer for 2 hrs. Then you will be simply able to experience a superior relaxation at home. As well, for anyone looking for a gift or souvenir for someone special, let SOOKKHO be the best choice for you. Available now at SOOKSIAM shop, G floor, ICONSIAM. Follow us on our SOOKKHO Facebook and Instagram page. And call us anytime at 065-610-0639.

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